A Rustic Boho Wedding is Always in Season

Certain seasons give way for special types of wedding celebrations. One of the hot picks this year is definitely the rustic boho wedding.

Our editors are a keen bunch who keep their eyes open for all of the different trends that different wedding seasons tend to see every year. Of course there are the old standbys; the black tie affairs or the choices that you might or might not be able to see your self celebrating. But among all of this are the looks that will be popular all year long, for all four of the seasons.

This year that trend is undeniably the rustic boho wedding.

Due to the sheer popularity of rustic weddings it should come as no surprise that there are a number of different styles that compliment an already wonderful choice.

What is Rustic Boho

One of the most common questions among young brides is simply, what is rustic boho and how can it make my ceremony shine. Of course if you have spent time planning your wedding you will know that there are certain styles that just stand out from the rest. Their embodiment of unique or alternative characteristics make them hard to describe but yet very easy to imagine yourself celebrating.

Rustic boho is undoubtedly one of these types of weddings.

Through a unique blend of styles a rustic boho wedding is able to be whatever you want it to be.

That’s why it is so common and yet, and yet sometimes it is difficult to identify.

You will find rustic bohemian weddings taking place in old factories, on rooftops, in city gardens, and under the open sky. But that isn’t what defines them. A bohemian wedding takes inspiration from anything and everything and injects it with a simplicity that is seldom seen in a wedding.

Many of the core components of a normal wedding hold little importance in a boho wedding. While matching tables, chairs, and dinnerware are a must for just about every wedding reception a bohemian wedding with or without rustic chic will place little importance on them. If you have been interested in a affordable wedding, one that doesn’t get caught up in the frenzy that often leads to misguided energy and resources you will love what the imaginative rustic quality of bohemian weddings.

There are many places to find inspiration, www.rusticboho.com a rustic bohemian wedding site gives you ideas that you can use as a basis for your wedding. Other sites like theknot.com offer a variety of wedding styles as well as reallife weddings to draw inspiration from.

Invitations and Accessories

Accessories play a key role in any wedding. A rustic celebration is no different, however, there is a difference in what is selected.

This difference is one that frees your creativity and offers you a chance to focus on aspects that are important to the wedding not the aesthetic. You see many wedding get caught up in the need to make things match. But by doing so it is easy to overlook the importance of each item, focusing on conformity rather than compatibility.

Just because an invitation matches the save the date, the RSVP and the thank you doesn’t mean that it is the right fit.

Bohemian rustic invitations tend to be a beautiful mix of many different unique cards that when combine compliment one another, drawing the individual traits out of one another.

The same thing can be said bohemian decorations and other accessories you will need for the wedding.

One of the first things that you will realize when you start looking at the the options that are available to you when you start looking around is that there are no strong directions of conformity. That is the real strength that you receive from these types of wedding.

The invitations are one of the key points where you can observe this trend. While it is common for a wedding invitation to reflect the style of wedding that will be celebrated. When you choose to go with rustic boho wedding invitations their look is entirely up to you. Wreaths, feathers, and antlers, not to mention rustic invitation aspects are all common place. And they don’t only offer you a great chance to be creative they give you the chance to be flexible.

It is easy to get caught up in coordinating all of the aspects throughout the wedding, but true freedom comes from understanding that you don’t need to. The realization that the decorations, wedding invitations, and accessories can be whatever you want them to be is a rewarding feeling. And when you free yourself from the burden of following the crowd you can really start to enjoy decorating your ceremony and wedding reception.

Do you need proof?

A True Boho Wedding

There is nothing more convincing than seeing what a rustic bohemian wedding can be like with your own eyes. David Resce has posed a number of unforgettable weddings in front of the camera. But one of the most memorable and inspiring of them has to be the one that shows just how enduring passion, commitment, and love are.

This wedding video shows how you can seamlessly blend elements from a vintage wedding together with boho and rustic chic to craft an incredible sweet and timeless ceremony.

In Detail

Let’s look at the video again, this time in detail.

There are so many ways to style your rustic boho wedding. Needless to say, there are no right or wrong was to do it. That is one of the main principals in the bohemian philosophy. David has hit the notes in all the right was and what is depicted in the video is not only a estimate to the his creativity but his understanding of the key aspects of the elements he is working with.

  • Attire

    Both the bride and groom wear attire that fits perfectly with the bohemian nature of the wedding. It is both rustic and vintage all at the same time, and yet neither of them have the need to match one another. Moreover the groom’s attire is stylish, but it is not overly formal. This is one of the key points to remember when you are selecting your wedding attire. It it is overly formal, large and complicated there is a good chance that it is not made for a bohemian wedding. Rustic means simple, functional, and open. It doesn’t need to waste energy being something more than it already is.
  • Settings

    Notice how the setting takes on a life of its own. The setting can be anywhere just so long as it fits with what you have planned. This doesn’t mean that it needs to be complicated, expensive or traditional. Many of the most memorable rustic weddings are held in simple, common, or original locations. If it is true to who you are and it fulfills what you expect the location to do there is no reason to question the venue. This is exactly what the location does in the video. It is neither expensive, complicated, or difficult to arrange. Still it makes all of the difference in the world. It is place that maybe means something to the couple, it provides a backdrop direct from their lives, and highlights what is important to them.
  • Decorations

    Notice how the decorations play a role in framing the atmosphere that they wished to achieve. At no time, however, did that dominate the celebration. They are simple, easy to acquire items, and they create a ambient atmosphere that conveys the couple’s desire for the wedding.
  • Memories

    When you combine the details that we have discussed here you will realize how memorable a wedding can be when you do it the way you want instead of copying the latest dream wedding out of a wedding magazine. A memory is more than the flowers in the bouquet, the number of layers in the cake, or the hottest hairstyle. A wedding is the union of two hearts, the celebration with family, and the memories that are made. All of these things come easy when you put importance on the right aspects of the wedding.

I am sure all of these points were obvious to you as you watched the video. The wedding in a perfect example of what makes rustic boho so attractive. Why it is an options that is viable all year long, and why you can get married how you want, where you want. Or were you just watching the cute little owl?

Would you like another reason this style of wedding has eared an editor’s pick?

If we had to cite one reason why this is our choice for the top wedding theme it would be because no matter what ideas you come to, what colors you mix or match, what venues you choose, or what you decide to wear you can never go wrong.

The only way you could ever get it wrong is if you failed to stay true to the goals you set out before you started.

By making the wedding something it isn’t, basing decisions on other expectations than your own, you fail to get the full benefit out of one of the most beautiful wedding options available.