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A vintage wedding, is something very modern. When many people here the term vintage wedding they will often think of some distant relative long ago. Maybe they recall old pictures and similar family heirlooms that have been passed along over the course of time. But a vintage wedding is something much different.

If you think that a wedding is a perfect opportunity to get dressed up, when elegance is your taste, and cocktails quench your thirst a vintage wedding might just be what you are looking for.

But why would anybody want to hold a vintage wedding?

Isn’t that just some sort of elaborate dress-up?

No. In fact a vintage wedding isn’t named like that because people are pretending to get married long ago. A vintage wedding is a style that embraces the importance that was once placed on the entire event, it creates an ambiance that is fitting for the day which isn’t often found in other styles.

While there are a few ways you can take the vintage wedding the majority of couples choose to either style it as a rustic wedding while the other set enjoy a more art deco appeal.

Vintage Rustic Weddings

Going by what we have already learned about the different aspects of a vintage wedding it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the rustic qualities are also appealing.

If you comepare the average rustic wedding many of the ideas that are central to it area also in part central to what makes a vintage wedding what it is. Both place a large amount of importance on tradition. On elegance and the aspects that play into that elegance. While your average rustic wedding will place less emphasis on the replicating some of the past styles styles that a pure vintage wedding would, the combination of the two definitely takes the best they have to offer.

One of the nicest things about a vintage rustic wedding is the fact that there is a thoughtful nature to the decorations, the setting, and the food and refreshments.

All of these play a part in creating an atmosphere that is old but modern at the same time. By using a little creativity the rustic and vintage aspects of both styles can be shaped just about any way you could imagine.

And then there is the bonus.

The biggest plus that comes from adding a little rustic to the vintage wedding is that it takes the country charm and stirs it into the mix.

That means that you have a stylish elegant wedding which also offers a traditional feel that is relaxed at the same time. If you think that is a lot to ask, you would be right. But when you mix the best elements from each type of wedding you get just that.

But what about other types of vintage wedding?

Art Deco Weddings

This is arguably the first type of vintage wedding that most people think about. Ever since the Great Gatsby the desire to enjoy a real vintage wedding has taken hold of young couples. And there is a good reason why.

Art Deco weddings are a little bit different than your rustic alternative. The elegant nature of vintage weddings held in the 20s has to be something that has been romanticized more often than any other time. By combining the options you have today for your wedding with creative design choices you can easily shape your vintage wedding to embody all of the beauty that art deco has to offer.

Of course with any style of wedding that falls a little bit out of the norm you will encounter small problems that might be more or less difficult to find solutions to.

Unlike wedding like rustic boho where the importance doesn’t fall on how much you can replicate the look but rather on how well you can reproduce the feeling. An art deco wedding will need a certain amount of patients and maybe even a little luck to get it just right.

This shouldn’t discourage you though.

If you desire to organize a vintage celebration that conveys the beauty of an art deco wedding then you shouldn’t let this detour you.

By knowing what types of challenges you may face when you start you are better prepared to over come the hurdles when you encounter them.

There are plenty of options to shape the wedding the way you desire. Vintage is one of them.

If offers a lot of opportunities for those of you who enjoy what rustic weddings have to offer. But if you are looking for something is a little more in tune with your interpretation of vintage, namely art deco, you can also find solutions that will make your wedding one of a kind.